Yariex Family
Yariex Family

About this Product

At Yariex, we recognize the importance of financial literacy from a young age. With Yariex, our family smart card, we aim to instill responsible money habits in the younger generation. Early financial education lays the foundation for a lifetime of sound money management, and Yariex is here to guide that journey. It's more than just a financial tool; it's an educational experience, bridging the gap between parents and their children in the world of finance.

Yariex Family

1. Yariex Smart Card: 
Overview: Designed for the modern family, the Yariex Smart Card offers a blend of financial freedom and parental oversight, ensuring a safe and educational experience for kids and teens. 

  • Instant Activation: Cards are activated instantly, providing immediate access to funds. 
  • Secure Transactions: State-of-the-art security measures ensure every transaction is protected. 
  • Flexible Reload Options: Multiple channels available for easy card reloading. 


2. Yariex Mobile App: 
Overview: A user-friendly interface that serves as a financial hub for families, allowing parents and kids to interact with their funds seamlessly. 

  • Digital Wallet: Check balances and manage funds on the go. 
  • Transaction History: Monitor spending habits and gain insights into financial behaviors. 
  • Resource Locator: Discover nearby establishments that accept the Yariex card. 
  • Support & FAQs: Access a comprehensive knowledge base and receive prompt customer support. 


3. Parental Oversight & Educational Resources: 
Overview: Yariex is not just about spending; it's about learning. Expertly crafted to resonate with children and teens across all age spectrums, our platform offers a variety of resources to educate the younger generation about money. 

  • Real-time Analytics: Parents can gain insights into their children's spending habits. 
  • Task-Based Earnings: Set up tasks for kids to earn their allowances, teaching them the value of hard work. 
  • Savings Goals: Encourage saving by setting up financial goals within the app. 
  • Educational Content: Access to articles, quizzes, and interactive tools to make financial learning fun and engaging. Through this content, parents can expect their kids to grasp essential financial concepts, such as budgeting, saving, and understanding the value of money. 
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