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In an era where technology and finance converge, Yariex stands at the forefront, crafting solutions that don't just meet today's needs but anticipate tomorrow's demands. Dive into our suite of services, each distinctly designed to redefine what's possible in the financial realm.

Use Cases

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For NGOs, Yariex facilitates targeted fund distribution with precision. It enables effective allocation to specific projects, monitoring spending, and ensuring funds are used as intended, enhancing accountability and donor trust in humanitarian and development efforts.
Kids Allowance
Yariex's solution empowers parents to teach children about money management. It facilitates controlled spending, savings objectives, and real-time monitoring, turning allowance into a practical financial education tool for young individuals.
White Label
Yariex's White Label Solution enables businesses to launch custom-branded card programs effortlessly. Integrating with existing systems, it offers advanced fintech features, secure transactions, and real-time analytics, empowering companies to elevate their brand in the digital payment space with confidence.
Yariex's lending model offers a streamlined, secure loan process. Utilizing AI for risk analysis, it provides flexible repayment and real-time tracking, enhancing the borrowing experience in the financial sector.
Gig Works
Yariex integrates a prepaid debit card for gig workers, facilitating instant access to earnings, seamless transactions, and efficient budget management. This feature streamlines financial operations for freelancers, enhancing convenience and financial control in their dynamic work environment.
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North York Harvest

Our Products

Robust product suite to meet any needs

Yariex NGO

Save costs for NGOs & put more $$ towards the receiving end
  • At Yariex, we believe in the power of technology to bring about meaningful change. Our collaboration with Food Bank Canada stands as a testament to this conviction. Together, we're not just addressing immediate needs or providing temporary relief; we're pioneering a new framework in aid delivery, ensuring both immediate support and sustainable empowerment for communities.

Yariex Lending

Smart Lending, Safer Spending: Yariex Lending Platform
  • Yariex Lending Platform redefines lending by allowing lenders to monitor card transactions, ensuring funds are used appropriately. This unique approach reduces credit risk, offers lower interest rates for borrowers, and streamlines the lending process

Yariex Family

Nurturing Financial Literacy for the Younger Generation
  • At Yariex, we recognize the importance of financial literacy from a young age. With Yariex, our family smart card, we aim to instill responsible money habits in the younger generation. Early financial education lays the foundation for a lifetime of sound money management, and Yariex is here to guide that journey. It's more than just a financial tool; it's an educational experience, bridging the gap between parents and their children in the world of finance.

Other Product

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Yariex Insurance
Revolutionize Insurance Payments with Yariex
  • Yariex's insurance product streamlines payments with prepaid Mastercards, allowing insurers to manage spending controls and ensure regulatory compliance. This seamless solution replaces traditional bank transfers and supports cross-border transactions.
Yariex Gig
Instant Payments, Effortless Management: Yariex Gig for Businesses
  • Transform how you pay and manage gig workers with Yariex Gig. Our platform offers instant payments and streamlined financial management, making it easier than ever for companies to handle gig economy transactions efficiently.
Yariex White Label
Tailored Finance Solutions: Yariex White Label Card Program
  • With Yariex White Label, create bespoke card and financial products tailored to your specific needs.Our full-stack platform assists in designing, building, and launching custom card programs seamlessly


Hear from our valued Investors, Customers and Business Partners
  • Alex K Investor

    Yariex leads the open banking revolution with innovative solutions, democratizing financial services for both emerging startups and established businesses in the fintech landscape.
  • Shayan N Early Investor

    Through user-friendly and secure applications, Yariex is redefining open banking. They focus on empowering users financially, ensuring easy access to groundbreaking fintech innovations.
  • Joel S Early Investor

    Yariex's innovation in fintech prioritizes social impact, especially in NGO fund distribution. Their commitment to ethical, transparent financial solutions paves the way for an inclusive future.
  • Jon K Early Investor

    As an early investor, I'm impressed by Yariex's innovative approach to fintech, offering user-friendly, diverse applications from business card programs to kids' allowance apps and NGO fund management

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Security is a top priority at Yariex. We implement state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of all financial transactions. Our platform uses advanced encryption technology, robust compliance protocols, and continuous monitoring systems to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and regularly update our systems to stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats.

Yariex's kids' allowance app is a user-friendly platform that enables parents to manage and supervise their children's allowances digitally. The app allows parents to set up accounts for their children, allocate weekly or monthly allowances, and track spending. It also includes features for setting spending limits, categorizing expenses, and providing real-time notifications. The app is designed to be educational, helping children learn about budgeting, saving, and responsible spending in a secure and controlled environment.

Yariex is a pioneering fintech company specializing in open banking solutions. We offer a diverse range of products, including customizable card programs tailored for businesses, an innovative kids' allowance app designed for families, and a comprehensive, full-stack product specifically developed for NGOs. Our solutions aim to streamline financial processes, enhance transparency, and promote financial literacy, catering to the unique needs of different users, from small businesses to non-profit organizations.

Absolutely. Yariex offers a specialized full-stack product for NGOs, focusing on efficient fund management and distribution. This product allows NGOs to allocate, distribute, and track funds with precision and transparency. Features include the ability to set restrictions on how and where funds can be spent, real-time tracking of expenditures, and comprehensive reporting tools. This ensures that funds are used effectively for their intended purpose, promoting accountability and ethical financial practices within the NGO sector.
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