About Yariex

At Yariex, we're more than just a fintech company; we're a hub of groundbreaking solutions, a catalyst for financial empowerment, and a promise for a brighter financial future. Our journey is driven by the belief that technology, when used purposefully, can create transformative experiences and drive significant change.

Yariex Team

We’re lucky to be supported by some of the best colleque in the world.
Majid Nazari

CEO & Co-Founder

My journey with Yariex began with a heartfelt mission to uplift the underserved, a journey that evolved into democratizing finance for everyday users and those traditionally distant from technology. Each day working at Yariex is a testament to this vision, redefining fintech and making meaningful impacts in the lives of many.

Vahid Abol

COO & Co-Founder

Joining Yariex was a strategic choice to impact the fintech sector positively. My marketing and financial analysis background and strategic insights guide my involvement in defining Yariex's path. Dedicated to advancing our products and driving growth, I focus on surpassing customer expectations in the evolving fintech landscape.

Samad Hasem


My programming passion drives me to turn complex tech challenges into meaningful, socially impactful fintech solutions. Eager to merge innovation with real-world benefits, I'm focused on creating a simpler, more accessible financial environment, empowering users, and transforming the fintech landscape.